Blogger outreach is a brilliant way to help market your business and get your product or service out there.  It’s something we’d recommend that lots of different businesses should try! But, if you’ve not done one of these campaigns before, finding bloggers for blogger outreach could present a challenge. Check out this video from one of our Marketing Assistants Abbie, who will tell you three of the best ways to find some suitable bloggers. Read on to find out more…

Do you own research

When looking for bloggers for your blogger outreach campaign, social media is the best place to start. It’s what most of them use to post on and get their blogs out there! Firstly, have a look around on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook for bloggers. Try searching on blogging related hashtags, such as #bloggers or #blogpost to see what sort of content bloggers are producing. If you find some who you feel would be a great fit for your campaign, just approach them and ask if they’d like to take part! Just don’t forget to check their location, as it’s unlikely you’d want to send products overseas.

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Create your own blogger outreach Facebook group

Create a group where bloggers can talk to each other and share their latest posts. Simply advertise it on your social media, or approach any bloggers you know directly to join. Make sure you’re posting content yourself to help keep them engaged. Once you’ve built up a community, you can post your latest blogger outreach campaigns on there and see which of your blogging friends want to join in!

Let the bloggers come to you!

Another effective way to find bloggers for your blogger outreach campaign is to simply let them come to you. Certainly post regularly on your social media about your latest opportunities for bloggers. Make sure to use relevant hashtags that will attract them to you. Do some research to find out which ones should work best for your industry. Then, bloggers who are interested will respond, and you can go from there! You will know that they have a genuine interest in whatever you are offering, which can only be a good thing.

There are lots of ways that you can go about finding bloggers for any blogger outreach campaigns you want to run. Why not share any you’ve come up with below? Above all, it’s important to remember that any bloggers you work with are genuinely interested in your product and service. Finally, make sure to treat them in a respectable way to ensure you build lasting working relationships with them. This way, you can run successful outreach campaigns with them time and time again!

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