Coronavirus Digital Dos And Don’ts

In partnership with The Guildford Hub

During this Coronavirus pandemic, the way are living and working has probably changed dramatically for most people! As a result of us being at home a lot more, many people are spending more time online. This is true for both work and recreational reasons. But what should we be doing online during this time? And what about what we definitely should NOT be doing? We’ve partnered with The Guildford Hub to bring you this webinar, on the Coronavirus digital dos and don’ts. You can watch the webinar on YouTube here:

Coronavirus Dos and Don’ts: Webinar Contents

In this webinar, Allen Ruddock from The Guildford Hub takes you through some of the digital dos and don’t you should be following during the Coronavirus outbreak. With everyone spending more time online than possibly ever before, you’ve probably already seen a large increase in the number of spam emails and ‘opportunities’ you’ve been seeing. Some are related to the virus and some aren’t, but be wary!

Furthermore, the fact that people are online more makes it even more important for you and your business to stand out for all the right reasons! You want to come out of this uncertain time with your reputation and brand intact, after all.  So, in this webinar, Allen covers some key dos and don’t for using the digital world during this time. They are useful for complete beginners and the more experienced! He also talks about the practical things you can do to make a real difference online during this time.

We’ve partnered with The Guildford Hub on several of these webinars in the Coronavirus Business Survival Series. For example, you can also listen to previous webinars Coronavirus Government Help Explained and Coronavirus 120 Day Survival Plan on our blog page or Allen’s YouTube channel.

Finally, at Delivered Social, we want to help businesses during this time in whatever way we can. If you’d like to see what other help and support we have available, including free services, webinars like this one, and mental health support, please visit our Coronavirus page here. Don’t forget, you are not in this alone, and we can get through it together!