We hope you’ve been keeping your eyes peeled for all things Delivered Social recently, there’s a lot of exciting things happening! If you have, you may well have seen our office dog Dembe featured on the Guildford Dragon website – talking about the return of our free social clinics. It was a great opportunity to work with a local publication and be able to support the work they do. At Delivered Social, we truly believe that everyone should be working to support their local businesses and appreciate what they provide for our local areas.

It’s not all about clicks and follows, but by supporting local publications and companies in our blog, we are spreading the word about the amazing services they provide. These are the people at the heart of our towns who let us all know what’s going on around us. Advocating for our high streets will help create new jobs in local communities – helping young or disadvantaged people find their way out of unemployment. Especially with recent events, it’s vital we look closer to home for our news and other supplies.

The past couple of years have been the toughest some businesses will ever have to face. But with the support of people like us or you, they can continue to provide for our communities and their own families. Anything we do to put their names out there and utilise their services will not only benefit the local economy but the community culture that’s become so important recently. It’s not only now that this matters though, but there are also many reasons why the team at Delivered Social believe it’s so important to support local businesses and publications.

Reduce your carbon footprint

Being more environmentally minded and sustainable with the way we approach business will have a huge impact on the environment in the long run. Supporting the local community will help you support the planet by not having to travel far and working with companies that aren’t bulk-shipping abroad or that use more eco-friendly products.

Invest in your community

The knock-on effect you will notice is important to the progression of new independent businesses and the overall state of your area. The better it can run and be maintained, the better it will be for future generations.

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Share and share alike

Working closely with a number of businesses in Guildford – we’ve learnt a lot about the local area, new trends and how we can be better as a team. Not only that, but we have been able to impart wisdom of our own and met some brilliant people while doing so. There’s always something new to learn, so why keep it to yourself?

By investing time and care locally, we can ensure everyone is making the most of our communities and working together to make them the best they can be. Stay on the look out for more work Delivered Social do with businesses and publications in Guildford. And if you’re out and about, why not pop in for one of our free social clinics too?

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