Make The Most Of Facebook Ads

Some hints and tips…

Most of you have probably heard about Facebook, some 1.8 billion monthly active users. And most of you have probably seen Facebook Ads. But many, like me, turned a blind eye to it thinking it’s a waste of resources or just a money-grabbing tactic from Facebook. But you’re wrong – as I was wrong. As an internet savvy consumer I usually know where I want to shop. Because of this, I find online ads disruptive and an annoyance. But advertising on Facebook has broken this stereotype! These ads are not only visually appealing but are presented organically (slot into my timeline) and are aligned with my tastes. This is thanks to Facebook’s database. Read on to find out how to make the most of Facebook ads…

Everyone uses Facebook, from children to grandparents, interns to CEOs and even world leaders to goats – and all their page likes, shares, interests, locations, occupation, gender and relationship status, goes into the melting pot of Facebook’s database. Just think about it, how many pages do you like on Facebook? How many posts do you like, share and comment on? This puts you in the perfect place to find target audiences and niches with laser precision. This is done by selecting relevant (‘lookalike’) audiences, focusing on certain interests and likes (and even a combination of certain interests), age, occupation and so on.

So How Do I Make A Facebook Ad?

  1. Go to the ad creation centre and then choose an advertising objective.
  2. Pick from the drop-down menu (or type in) what you want to advertise.
  3. Choose how you want to advertise your page, business, website, event, etc.
  4. Now choose your audience, budget, images, and text for your ad before placing your order. If you’re having issues with adding images, read here.

So, How Do I Make My Ad Awesome?

As you now know, Facebook Ads are seriously good at reaching their target audience. So, you need to write your ad for your target audience, meaning you can use the language you would if you were talking to a customer. So, what does this mean? Imagine for a moment you’re selling Star Trek merchandise to seriously dedicated fans. This allows you to get away with insider jokes and Klingon, but if you’re selling razors you’ll need to have a broader approach (as you’d expect). Play around to see what works best for your target audience!

So How Do You Make YOUR ad This Awesome?

Firstly, you need to decide what you’re advertising. This sounds silly but many fail to be clear and concise when advertising – especially online. Facebook is more forgiving than counterparts like Twitter and actually benefits from having some text, but you’ll still need to be to the point with your words. You don’t want to be writing an essay. Great written text can persuade, excite, and entertain – vastly increasing the success of your ad. It’s an essential part of a successful ad.

So now what?

Now you know who you’re marketing to and what you’re marketing with your Facebook Ads, you need to design the visuals. And in this modern world, it’s all about the visuals. Why, you ask? A picture is worth a thousand words – and on social media, this is truer than ever! Images are more engaging, memorable and are easier to share making them the clear winner in a lot of circumstances.

The Bottom Line on Making the Most of Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads work, and they work well especially when you have a low budget and a local audience. So what are you waiting for? Still need some help? Why not drop in for one of our FREE Social Clinics?