When looking for a social media consultant to help you out with your needs, you may be thinking that it’s impossible to know where to start! How do you tell whether they’re right for your and your business? Are there any red flags that I should be looking out for? At Delivered Social, we have worked with plenty of clients on their social media and other digital marketing needs. So, we know a bit about what new clients want and need! We’ve put together this blog post to help you out: I’m searching for social consultants near me- what should I look out for? Read on to learn more…

Are they transparent?

social consultants should be transparent with you

Social consultants should always be transparent with you!

Firstly, it’s hugely important that any social consultants you work with are 100% transparent with you. If you feel like they have something to hide, it’s a definite red flag you should be aware of! But what does this even mean? They should be more than happy to answer any questions you may have about their processes, business as a whole, results, clients- basically any question you may have!

When searching for social consultants near you, it’s important that their ethics align with your own. You need to know that they’re dealing with you and your social media in a professional way and won’t cause any further issues for you down the line! The questions that you may want to ask them will vary from person to person and will depend on a variety of factors such as the type of business you run, and the services you want out of them.

Who have they worked with before?

When looking for social consultants near you, you’ll probably want to know all about who they’ve worked with before. This is especially important if they are local to you! This is because they will have probably worked with plenty of other local businesses in the past. You may have even heard of a few! Then, you can do a couple of things with this information. Firstly, you could do some snooping. Take a look at their clients’ social media (or any other service that you may be considering). Do they look good? Are the posts well thought out? Are thy relevant to the business at hand? If the answer to these questions is no, or you simply don’t like the content, then maybe this is a social consultant you should walk away from!

On the other hand, you could ask to be put in touch with an existing client. This is something that we often do with new clients at Delivered Social! You can then discuss their experience with the consultant which should help you decide if they’d be the right fit for you, too. Having first-hand insight into the ways they work can be very valuable, so looking into previous and current clients is something we would recommend for sure!

What services do they offer?

This is an important thing to look out for, not least because of course you want to make sure that they offer the services you’re looking for in the first place! However, it’s useful to know about their full range of services for a few reasons. Firstly, it gives you an indication of what the consultant specialises in. For example, if they only offer social media services, this isn’t necessarily a bad thing. They could be a small team that chooses to focus on one thing only and do it really well. Some consultants, however, choose to focus on a wider range of services. For example, alongside social media services, we offer others, including SEO and web design.

The pro to taking on social consultants that offer other services as well is that if you decide you want more down the line, they should be ready and waiting for you! So, you won’t have to go through the effort of finding someone new to do the work. Whatever services they offer, make sure to do your research on them before deciding to take them on!

What are their costs?

social consultants near me: cost

Cost is important when searching for social consultants

Finally, another really important thing to consider when looking for social consultants near you is their costs. However, it’s not just about what your business can afford. Often, when hiring a social consultant for the first time, many people have no idea how much they should be paying for it. This can leave them vulnerable to being overcharged! Having said this, there is no hard and fast rule when it comes to prices that social consultants can charge. There’s a variety of factors that could influence this. For example, their level of expertise, the depth of the service that they offer, and whether they are freelance or employed by a company.

The best way to make sure that you’re not being overcharged is to do your research! Have a look online at what several social consultants near you charge for the services you are interested in. Make sure that they are near you though- the differing costs of living in various areas of the country means that consultants do tend to be cheaper up north, and charge a premium in London. If one seems suspiciously expensive, definitely be wary. It could be that they offer a premium service and so charge a price to reflect that. Or, they could be overcharging. Just go with your gut feeling and choose the service that is right for you!

So, those are our four top tips that should answer this question: I’m looking for social consultants near me, what should I look out for? We hope that you’ve found it helpful. And, as always, we are here for all your digital marketing needs! Simply get in touch or book in for a Social Clinic if you’d like to get some free advice.

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