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If you’re looking for powerful video marketing, Surrey based Delivered Social are here to help! With our in-house videography department, we love creating beautiful videos for our clients. You’ve probably heard about video being the next big thing in marketing, and everyone seems to do it. But are you still on the fence about whether to take the plunge and invest in video for your marketing? Read on to discover our top seven reasons why you should use our video marketing services!

Our video marketing takes your business to the next level

One of the best things about our video marketing in Surrey services is the fact that videos can really take your business to the next level. They take your business from text on a webpage to real-life people talking about their passion. Here’s what our in-house videographer Will has to say about the benefits of video marketing:

Video can be an incredible tool to take your business to the next level, but it can also be daunting if it’s not something you’ve worked with before. Our in-house video team are always happy to consult and advise on the best ways to use video for your business, to really showcase what you’re about to your customers or clients!”

Build trust with your customers

In addition to this, video marketing is a great way to build trust with your customers. By opening your business up on video, you seem more friendly and legitimate. Without trust, it’s highly unlikely that leads will turn into paying customers. However, with video marketing, potential customers are more likely to trust you because they can see for themselves what you’re all about before they commit! This is a win-win situation. Your customers are more likely to be satisfied with their choice, and you are likely to get more leads!

Video marketing Surrey: build trust

Use video marketing to build trust with your customers

Video marketing in Surrey will supercharge your SEO

Search engines tend to LOVE pages that have video on them! So, video marketing is another great way to boost your website in the search rankings and find more customers as a result. Google, and other search engines, like video so much because visitors usually spend longer on your site if there’s a video on there. In fact, a user will spend up to 88% more time on a site with video on it. This makes the search engines think your website is more interesting and trustworthy, and so worthy of boosting up the rankings! If you’re posting your video on YouTube, don’t forget to optimise this for SEO, too! Link back to your website in your descriptions- which should be interesting and relevant! Doing so should help get more clicks and boost your video in search rankings even further.

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It’s very versatile

Video marketing is one of the most versatile forms of marketing there is. It’s a very visual platform that can be used for almost any purpose. At Delivered Social, we produce all sorts of videos. These include reviews, promotional videos, product reviews, and sports events. According to Hubspot, the most popular types of marketing videos are explainers, product demos, how-tos, and testimonials.

But, the only limit is your imagination! What sort of video would suit your business best? We’ve done plenty of video marketing in Surrey that we’d love to show you! It could be a simple introduction video that talks a bit about your business and what it’s about. Check out our ‘Save The High Street’ campaign on YouTube for some examples of this. Or, it could be something more out there! If you’re a sports team, why not have one of your matches filmed and edited to show off what you can do? Check out an example of this that we did with the Farnham Falcons here:

Increase your conversion rates

Video marketing is a really helpful tool for increasing your conversion rates on your website. Did you know that adding a video about your products to your home page can increase conversions by a massive 80%?! This is a figure that just can’t be ignored! Video marketing is having a powerful impact, no matter what sector your business is in. You can see this from the impact that making one small change to your homepage can have. For local businesses, we’ve found our video marketing in Surrey has a big impact in making their homepages look great and attract more customers.

Customers find video marketing helpful

Possibly one of the best things about video marketing is the fact that customers usually respond really well to it. For them, it’s a quick and easy way to learn more about your business without having to go to the effort of reading paragraph after paragraph of text. We all have busy lifestyles and so want content that is very easy to consume. Video marketing fits this bill perfectly! By showing your customers what your products or services can do instead of telling them, they are more likely to decide that they’re right for them. If your video is fun and entertaining as well as helpful, even better! Customers love to be entertained and will have a much better impression of your brand as a result.

video marketing surrey: YouTube

Customers find it easy and fun to watch video content

It gets more social shares across your platforms

As video is the kind of content that customers tend to care about most, it also makes sense that it’s the content that usually gets more social shares for your business. Indeed, most social media platforms encourage you to share your own video content. For example, Instagram allows you to share videos under a minute long on your feed. And for longer videos, there is their IGTV feature, which also allows you to post links in the captions. Other social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook have several options for sharing videos as well. So, if you want to get your social shares up, creating engaging and entertaining video content is a great way to do it!

Are you now convinced you need video marketing in Surrey? We think that it’s the right choice! If you want to find out more about our services, please get in touch with us today! Why not book in for a FREE Social Clinic? We can run through all things digital with you and discuss all your video marketing needs. It’s easy to select a time that suits you on our calendar here.

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