Content is forever changing online and it is so important that businesses are embracing this change. Failing to do this, will only mean your customers aren’t engaging with your content online and therefore not enforcing their brand loyalty with you.

A recent article stated that 43% of consumers want to see more video content online.  So, why are videos the new drivers of content?

Well, they offer a fantastic way for your customers to understand more about your business with the ease of just pressing play. When was the last time you went on a website to read their entire bio, meet the team and about us page? Wouldn’t you rather watch a three-minute video? Me too…

Even though video is a great way for you to capture your market, all video is not always good video. For example, a poorly recorded or a poorly edited video will directly reflect your brand. Therefore, it is important that prior to doing any video that you keep these tips in mind…

Creating video content: 6 tips

  1. Clean the environment in which you are filming in
  2. Make sure everyone is appropriately dressed
  3. Make sure you have everyone’s consent to be in the clip
  4. Have a clear goal and structure to your mini film
  5. Make it fun! You want to be engaging, not boring.
  6. Make sure it is filmed to a high standard as well as edited. It is not a bad idea to outsource this.

So what will you be filming soon? Perhaps a new projects progress, a meet the team, a typical day with us or even a fun activity…

Whatever it is, do it well. Just like every piece of content, it will be attached to your brand forever. For more advice or guidance, why not come in for one of our totally FREE Social Media Clinics? You can book in here.