Social Media In Guildford

6 Steps To Supercharge It…

Guildford may have the cobbled streets of a dainty period drama, but don’t be fooled – the digital revolution is alive and well in this picturesque Surrey town. Guildford is bustling with social media activity, and there is no reason why you and your business shouldn’t be getting involved. If you’re wondering how to engage with the Guildford community through the online realm, these six steps provide an easy place to start…

6. Snap your gorgeous surroundings

Guildford is stuffed to the brim with ideal locations for snazzy social media snaps. Walking distance from the centre of the town, you have the River Wey, Guildford Castle and the eye-catching clock hanging from the Guildhall. Let people know that you’re in Guildford, and active on social media, by sharing some photos of any scenic surroundings that you happen to be in.

5. Check into the local hotspots

Whether you’re taking pictures at Guildford Castle, enjoying a meal at one of the many local restaurants (we’d recommend Thai Terrace!) or kicking back with a coffee somewhere in the town centre (Harris & Hoole is our current fave), make sure to check-in on social media and tag the place you’re in. This will mean that the local businesses, or whoever does their social media, are aware of your existence! It also increases the chances of other locals noticing your content.

4. Don’t be shy with hashtags

At the time of writing, ‘#guildford’ has been posted 260,000+ times on Instagram, and ‘#surrey’ has been posted over 1.25 million times. Clearly, these hashtags reach a lot of people. Make sure that you use them, to help your posts reach a wider audience of local people. We’d also recommend ‘#gfordindie’, which is used by local shops and businesses.

3. Engage with the local trendsetters

Eagle Radio, Get Surrey and Experience Guildford are key players in the local media scene. And, they’d all be happy to hear from you. Don’t be afraid to reply to their social posts or tag them in your own local musings. Writing into Eagle Radio’s ‘workplace request’ is a particularly great way to get your business mentioned to a lot of local people.

2. Take part in local events

The more you pay attention to the local media, the more you’ll hear about local events. For example, Eagle Radio is currently running an Easter Egg donation campaign to treat underprivileged children. Get involved at every opportunity, and always make sure to post on social media about all the fun you’re having.

1. Try targeted ads

Following the previous five steps in this blog will help you organically boost your local engagement on social media. But if you really want to grab the attention of local people who could become your customers, there is no shame in giving one of your posts a paid boost. On most social media sites, you can target potential customers by their area and their interests. It’s a great way to reach people!

If you’d like some more top tips about social media in Guildford, book a FREE social clinic today…