Is Your Website Actually Working?

5 Things You Need To Consider

It’s almost impossible to imagine a world without the internet. For those born after 1990 we’ve more or less grown up with computer technology in our lives. Now the web has become so integral it’s safe to say most businesses have a website in some shape or form. Whether or not those sites actually do anything to help their business is another matter! Watch this Social Snippet video from our Head of Web, Sasha, on getting the best out of your website. Then, read on to learn more tips to make sure your website is actually working. 

  1. Is your web address named appropriately?

It sounds basic, but if your website address isn’t your business name, is it a sensible abbreviation or extension? Perhaps the exact wording wasn’t available as a domain name and you’ve had to mix up the word combination or even add a geographical location to the end. (For example, our web address is but had this not been available, we may have tried or Ultimately the name just needs to reflect your business in a professional manner.

  1. Does your homepage tell the user who you are and what you do?

When I land on your website will I be able to easily & clearly understand what your business is? A customer shouldn’t need to scroll an inch to understand the nature of the website they’ve been directed too. Of course they may want to find out more, which is great, but this analysis is purely based on your homepage. Does your homepage explain to a user in no uncertain terms who you are/what your business is/what you do!?

  1. Is your website easy to navigate?

Websites need to be simple & easy to use. If they aren’t then you will lose customers like lightning. I need to be able to get to the information/pages that I want without having to search for ages, otherwise, I’m going to leave pretty quickly. Consumers have become used to finding what they need/want instantly, and as a result, the most effective websites are simple and clear.

  1. Are your images of a high quality & do they show off your products/services?

Imagery really is important on a website. It’s like a visual brochure that customers can browse, whilst comparing your service with competitors! Your imagery needs to be sharp and clear. Most phones are capable of taking good quality photos now so cameras aren’t generally the problem. Little things like ensuring there’s good lighting and a clean background can make all the difference.

  1. Can customers contact you?

If I decide I want to use your services can I find contact you easily? Whether you have a contact form or provide direct details such as a phone number, or email, they must be visible. A form of contact should be visible on your homepage as soon as customer lands, to ensure that contact is instantly possible.

So, there’s a roundup of 5 ways to make sure that your website is actually working for you and your business! We hope that you found this helpful. Don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel so you don’t miss our future Social Snippets!