Blogging is not simple as it looks. Generally, all bloggers get caught up in the grind of churning quality content regularly. Still, slowly followers get stagnant, and you think of different strategies to make your blog successful. Isn’t it?

Some bloggers have thousands of readers/subscribers, while some struggle to reach thousands of views also. Earlier, blogging was churning out content, but now the biggest challenge is gaining the attention to get more subscribers.

There are two types of subscribers: one who checks out your blogs and the second the loyal ones who keep back and read your blogs regularly and share your content with their network.

Bloggers should not ignore the second type of subscribers because they are the ones who will help you to expand the top of your funnel and increase your blog traffic. Hence, if you have not yet invested your time in creating your subscriber base, here we bring in a few tips to help you increase your subscriber count.

1) Keep a clear CTA (Call-To-Action)

A clear CTA is crucial to help you gain subscribers. The subscribers and should clearly understand the CTA; it should be easily accessible too. An RSS subscription button with an opt-in email form near the top of your blog can help subscribers to find the button quickly.

Make sure your subscribers don’t keep searching the buttons on the blog. Make it stand out and easily accessible. This will make certain visitors check your blog, and a CTA will make them click on the button.

There is no point if a visitor reads your content, shares it with their friends, and then leaves your website because they couldn’t figure out how to become a subscriber. Including a clear option to subscribe ensures your visitors don’t need to scroll to find the option.

2) Bring Something New To The Table. Stand Out From The Crowd

There are so many bloggers and so much information out there. You need to add value through your blog.

What you need is a unique recipe to make your blog stand out. The topics might be the same, but you need to add your perspective, values, and branding to get more subscribers by offering a unique value proposition.

Writing relatable stuff and humanizing your blog will help you reach your subscribers’ hearts and long-term subscribers.

Tell great stories, stories that connect with your audience and make you understand as a person. Sharing your experiences differently attracts people to read and subscribe because they would want more from it.

3) Search Engine Optimize Your Content

SEO is vital to drive traffic to your blog and also indirectly helps in boosting subscribers. However, overlooking SEO is like letting go of a golden opportunity to increase your subscribers. To drive more traffic to your website, you need to make sure your blog is optimized correctly.

Find out relevant and high volume keywords or the ones you want to rank in search, insert the selected keywords in your blog, insert keywords in headings, as well. Use keywords strategically in blog posts to make them reader-friendly as well SEO-friendly.

Adding visuals and Alt tags is also recommended to attract your target audience. You can also link your blogs with past blogs that are related to the current topic.

4) Cross-Promote Your Blogs

If you write quality blogs every week but do not reach the right audience, you are missing out on subscribers. Why do you ask?

Because you are cross-promoting your content on social platforms, it is important to leverage a social presence to win quality subscribers. Share your blog updates on all your social media, share a small snippet about your blog topic, create curiosity for people to read your blog.

Promoting the subscription landing page on your social media accounts like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc., is also recommended. You can add a dedicated tab on your Facebook and appeal to people to click and subscribe within Facebook.

Post stories or short reels to give out information about your upcoming blog and to your audience intrigued.

5) Make Your Content Share-Worthy

Use your loyal subscribers to promote your blog. This is an indirect way to gain more subscribers.

Keep your sharing option as easy as possible. Add social icons to every blog, also add CTA requesting the audience to share blogs on social platforms. Make your blog so relatable and attractive that your subscribers want to share it on their social platforms and promote it. This will ensure you will be reaching new fans, subscribers, or fans.

Keep social icons upfront in every blog for subscribers to see them and make them accessible. This indirect way has often proved successful for bloggers as it ensures you get quality subscribers without actually doing anything.

6) Use Pop-Ups

Many-a-times we ignore some tools because we think they are intrusive. One such tool is Pop-Ups. Even though they seem to be direct, they are one of the powerful tools to increase subscribers.

What are pop-ups?

Some informational or promotional offer displays on your blog to capture your users’ attention quickly. Pop-ups include CTAs for visitors to take action. They help to grow subscribers and promote your blog.

While pop-ups are beneficial, bloggers should make sure to make it is easy to close to avoid irritating the users. Statistics show that almost 65% of blog subscribers come through site pop-ups.

7) Hold A Contest

A contest is one of the simple yet best ways to increase subscribers. Offer enticing prizes, bring in influencers to promote the content. The contest can have rules that include subscribing to your blog.

If you need some contest ideas, here are a few: Blog content, photo contest, Share your story content, Refer and win a contest, etc. Such contests help the potential subscriber to check your blogs and follow you on social media as well.

8) Add Footer

The layout of the blog plays an important role. For example, adding a simple footer acts as a CTA to attract subscribers.

When visitors finish reading your blog and find it valuable to share it on their platform, they can easily do so through the footer.

Do not leave a single opportunity to capture your potential users’. Footer can also have links to other blogs. This will ensure they read your blogs, and buttons will grab them at the height of their interest.

Footer also helps to improve user experience as they quickly get access to links and other things.

9) Consistency Is The Key

This has been discussed many times earlier, but it still remains one of the critical factors in increasing subscribers. The fastest way to increase your subscriber base is to publish content consistently.

Once visitors get used to reading your blog, they will expect to see new content regularly; if they fail, they lose interest and drop out or unsubscribe. Therefore, the importance of posting consistently is retaining existing subscribers and gaining new ones.

In addition, generating fresh content ensures authority. You can do this by keeping your content calendar ready. Preplan your topics and keep your calendar as diverse as possible. Publishing regularly can reward you with a lot more than just subscribers.

10) Quality Over Quantity

Numbers are essential; posting consistently is crucial but remember, quality is what matters the most. So don’t let anything hamper your content quality.

You will get subscribers if you post regularly, but you’ll immediately see a dip in the numbers if you compromise on the quality.

The audience is no longer hungry for content; it is readily available; they need quality and fresh content that will add value. If you invest in blog writing, you need to maintain quality standards to get more and more subscribers

11) Paid Ads

Organic and paid combined efforts can yield good subscribers. For example, PPC can direct traffic to your blog and help increase subscribers. Instagram story ads can also help to drive traffic to your blog and grow your subscriber base.

Conclusion: Your blog needs regular readers to grow, and increasing the subscriber count is crucial to building an engaged audience.

Applying these tips can certainly assist in your goal of getting more subscribers. These are some of our tips; add pointers in the comments below if you think we missed anything.

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Joseph Schneider is the Brand Consultant at Haitna, a Digital marketing agency in Dallas, TX. He is passionate about search engine optimization and he always keeps himself updated with the latest industry trends.

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