Here at Delivered Social our team really make our business!

Having recently joined the team here at Delivered Social, we are thrilled to have welcomed Francesca as one of our new web designers! Read on to find out more about what happened when we did a Q&A with our web designer…

q&a with our web designer

See what Francesca has to say in this Q&A

We took 5 minutes out of our busy days to do a quick Q&A with our Web Designer– Francesca Donaldson!

1. Favourite food to have for lunch at the office and how often do you have it?

As everyone has noticed I love an M&S sandwich but I’m currently moving towards sushi!

2. First social media platform you used?

Either MSN or Facebook. I loved making the Bitmoji characters on MSN and I only joined Facebook to play Farmville. I was obsessed with it at the time. And then my Farmville account got deleted. So… that was upsetting.

3. Favourite website?

Now that’s a hard one! If I had to, I’d have to say it’s a tie between and Ustwo/Ustwo games I’ve always loved looking at other creative peoples work from around the world – from brutalist architecture to cutesy animations and everything in between!

4. Where do you get your creative inspiration from?

Not to be too boring, but I’d have to stick with Ustwo/ Ustwo games. I loved their work and have played their games for a long time. They create beautiful design. You should check them out! I also draw inspiration from dystopian literature, I love exploring the concept of dystopian futures and actually did my final major project at university on this subject.

5. Best project you’ve worked on at Delivered Social?

I loved working with Phillipa for my first website – Clarity Communication. I just started out doing amends at first before I ended up building her second website! In particular, I was lucky that the first client I had the privilege of working with was a lovely person which made my overall experience even more fun.

6. First website you created at Delivered Social and what you learnt from it?

The first website I ever created was with Jon our Head honcho, for Focus Five. Where I started learning the basics of web design, which was really lucky as he was there to guide me every step of the way!

So, there we have it! Just a little insight into one of our key members at Delivered Social! We hope you enjoyed this Q&A with a web designer. Stay tuned for more Q&As with our staff!