Why you should look for Instagram Influencers for your business

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Why You Should Look For Instagram Influencers

The searches for the term ‘influencer marketing’ grew up to 1500% in a timeframe of only three years. So what is it exactly? Today people buy something because a famous individual they admire uses the product. This is precisely how influencer marketing looks like. It’s all about promoting your product through real people in real-life situations. 

Thinking which social media platforms are best for my organization? Instagram is the answer. But are you convinced about the practical business results that you can achieve with Instagram influencers? This post will convert your beliefs about Instagram influencers, and you might be ending hiring one for your business. 

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Why Should You Partner With An Instagram Influencer For Your Business? 

What Numbers Say

Statistics suggest that the leading influencer marketing platform Instagram has helped influencer marketing reach new heights. According to 80% of marketers, Instagram influencer marketing is effective, while 71% admit that they get quality leads from it. On the other hand, 49% of customers accept that they look to influencers when making a purchase decision. 

Get Access To Target Demographics

Influencers have a huge fan following in a specific niche that they interact with frequently, but little do you know that these individuals bridge the gap between a brand and its target audience. Not only this, this strategy feels much more genuine and allows brands to increase follower count organically. Because you share so much common with an influencer in your particular niche, the chance is higher than your influencers’ followers will follow your brand.

A Trusted Voice

In the present era of technology, customers are more likely to trust a friend’s suggestion over appealing marketing campaigns trying to sell a product. Instagram influencers share a loyal relationship with their followers.  The community members trust them for their relevant expertise and because they have common interests. When they endorse your brand, consumers attach the influencer’s honesty with your company. You have to find out influencers that portray your brand’s core values. They can be lifestyle experts, fitness coaches, or enthusiastic travellers. For instance, introducing accessible chair yoga is easier for a fitness coach than you think.  

Hashtags Improve Brand Searchability

Influencers use hashtags like a pro that improves your brand’s discoverability. For example, when people search for lifestyle hashtags on Instagram like #instahealthylifestyle, the research results display a list of most viewed content using this hashtag. There is a lot of opportunities for you to appear in the top results. Here’s how. Use trending hashtags in your content or come up with your own unique hashtag movement that your influencers can promote. 

Boosting Brand Credibility

Instagram Influencers

Choosing the right Instagram influencer as opposed to investing a huge marketing budget in print ads, is the right thing to do. Why? Because Instagram influencers help businesses create the authentic image and reputation they always crave. For instance, your audience tends to believe that they will get rid of acne when they see an Instagram live video session of their favourite influencer sharing their stories and tips on using a product that helped them with acne battle. 

Rich Content Distribution

If you know how to work with Instagram influencers the right way, you’re on your way to achieve your goals. Influencers produce quality content and share with their audience through their Instagram accounts. Usually, influencers create instructional videos, captivating photos, and blog posts. With Instagram, they even share live videos and stories using attractive filters and photo editing features.

Converting Potential Leads

It’s a bit tricky for you to convert your leads into actual sales if you aren’t a high-quality yet cheap essay writing service platform. However, Instagram influencers can help you with this too. They help you increase your sales score, and that’s why every small and big brand is actively participating in the influencer marketing lobby. They expose your brand to their audience. From the moment an Instagram influencer starts to talk about your services, a sale begins. The success, however, highly depends on the social media channel they select and the length of the campaign.

Making Brand Go Viral

This isn’t something that happens every day, but when you chose to work with influencers, you enhance your chances of going viral. Telling a relatable story and posting interactive content like an Instagram poll can help you go viral with influencers. Even if you don’t go viral, it will definitely raise awareness about you as a brand.

The Final Verdict 

Last but not least, to bring out the best of your brand, you need to identify the right social media influencers for your brand. So, if you were thinking about working with Instagram influencers, this is the perfect time for you to start.

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