Social Media Agencies In London

8 of the best…

Social media marketing is something that you simply can’t ignore, no matter what type of business you have. It can really drive leads to your business and help you grow! But what do you do if you simply don’t have the time to execute a digital marketing strategy on your own? That’s where social media agencies come in- we’re one ourselves! But there are plenty of us out there and we think it’s important to share the love. After all, every business should be on social media, so there’s plenty to go around. So, we’ve put together a list of our top 8 social media agencies in London who are doing some great things. Read on to find out more about why we think they’re great!

The Good Marketer Is The London Social Media Agency That Loves Small Businesses

We admire this London social media agency for one main reason: they love to work with small businesses! But why do we love this so much? Because that’s what we like to do too! They’ve worked with plenty of small businesses, as you can see on their website. Plus, they’ve achieved great results for them, including a conversion rate of over 25% on Facebook for The Voice Inspirer. Their range of packages is pretty affordable, too, so plenty of small London businesses would be able to take advantage of them.

Fifty Five And Five Specialises In Tech

This is a great social media agency London tech companies should make the most of! This agency specialises in helping technology companies communicate more effectively, as you can learn on their website. Agencies who hone their skills to focus on just one sector can do some amazing work for those businesses, so that’s why we’ve included Fifty Five And Five on this list. If you’re a tech company, we’re sure you can’t go too wrong with their services! They also have a regularly updated blog with some great quality, helpful articles, which are definitely worth a look, no matter what sector you work in.

social media agencies London: fifty five and five website

BornSocial Is The Social Media Agency In London Who Works With The Coolest Brands

We’ve included BornSocial on this list because they’ve worked with some really exciting brands, from small start-ups to large companies! Some of the businesses they’ve worked with include Koppaberg, Chilly’s Bottles, Kiehl’s, BioOil, and Valspar Paint. Furthermore, their website is fun and colourful, to match their creative social media campaigns1 If you’re looking to work with the best social media agencies, London is the place to look, and BornSocial has got to be up there! Visit their website to find out more about why we think they’re great!

Looking For A Range Of Services? Try Truffle Social

Whatever you’re looking for, Truffle Social are bound to provide that service! That’s why we like them so much. The range of services that they offer is so broad, from regular social media management to event management and help with influencer marketing! They’re an agency who really know their stuff. Furthermore, they’ve worked with some amazing creative brands and businesses such as London Fashion Week, Julien Macdonald, and Zoya nail polishes. Find out more about them on their website here.

London Creative Designs Do Great Charity Work

We really like this agency for one main reason: they do pro bono charity work, just like us. On their website, you can see the services that they offer to charities for free, including design and social media work. They focus on helping smaller charities who don’t tend to have in-house design or social media teams. Plus, it sounds as though their company director is really passionate about helping charities, which is always something we’d like to support and is why we do so much charity work ourselves!

London creative designs pro bono charity work page

Need A Social Media Agency In London For Your Purpose-Led Business? Social Misfits Media Is For You

Similarly, we like this agency because they focus on campaigns for purpose-led organisations whose activities are having a good social or environmental impact. As a result, the campaigns that they run help to raise the profile of this great work, which can only be a good thing! They offer a range of services to have the most impact for these types of businesses, which you can read more about on their website.

Hug Plugs Their Reviews

This agency is one to watch because they keep it simple. They just focus on social media and what it can do for their client’s brands. Their website is clear and upfront about what they do. And, they seem to have a tried and tested strategy that works! They’ve worked with a variety of brands and businesses in different sectors. What we also like about them is that they shout about their reviews on their website- you can see them here! We also love to talk about our reviews and they can do wonders for SEO and growing your business, so this is something we really admire from Hug.

So, there are our top eight social media agencies in London that we think are doing great things! As you can see, there’s such a  huge range of agencies and they all do things differently. That’s one of the best things about this industry that we work in. No two agencies will ever be the same. We all have different strengths and can offer various things to our clients. What makes a great social media agency for you?

Finally, if you’re looking for social media services and beyond, Delivered Social is always happy to help. We’re based in Guildford and have a variety of departments, also including web design, SEO, and videography. We always love helping charities too! Please get in touch today to discuss how we can help your business grow with our digital services.