What Is A Digital Marketing Agency?

Your questions answered!

Here at Delivered Social, we are a digital marketing agency based in Guildford. We’ve worked with many clients over the years on their digital marketing needs. Plus, we offer a whole range of services to help them out. But, you might be wondering, what is a digital marketing agency? What do we do, who uses our services, and why do they need them? Well, if you’re curious, you’ve come to the right place! In this blog post, we’ll be covering these digital marketing questions and more, so keep on reading…

what is a digital marketing agency?

Digital marketing agencies do a whole lot more than you might think…

So, what is a digital marketing agency?

A digital marketing agency is a group of creative people who work to help their clients with their digital marketing needs. As opposed to an in-house marketing team, they do not work on one specific business. Instead, they work on a range of businesses and provide different things to them, depending on their needs. They usually offer a range of services. For example, at Delivered Social we offer web design, social media, videography, SEO, social impact and charity services, and a lot more- depending on what our clients need!

But what is a digital marketing agency compared to traditional marketing?

No matter where you work, you’ve probably noticed a shift away from traditional marketing, towards digital marketing, in recent years. The world has become more and more online, from websites to apps. Just think of the explosion in popularity of online shopping, or social media, for example! So, for many businesses, traditional marketing is no longer as effective.

That’s where digital marketing steps in. It’s marketing for the online world, particularly using social media and websites. Traditional marketing has more of a focus on the ‘physical,’ for example events, posters in stores, and flyers posted through letterboxes. So, this isn’t to say that traditional marketing no longer has its place. In fact, for certain types of businesses and customers, it is still hugely effective. It’s just that digital marketing has become a lot more prominent. As a result, more and more digital marketing agencies who specialise in this area have popped up to help businesses far and wide with their digital marketing.

Feel like digital marketing may not be the right route to go down for your business? Never fear, as there are still plenty of marketers out there who can help you with traditional marketing. In fact, many agencies do a bit of both. For example, we quite frequently work on brochures for clients that they can use on their websites and have physical copies of- the best of both worlds!

Who do digital marketing agencies help?

Who do digital marketing agencies help?

Digital marketing agencies help a huge range of businesses!

So the short answer is, pretty much anyone who needs us! At Delivered Social, most of our clients are small and medium-sized businesses who are fairly local to the Guildford area. This is because it’s in our ethos to help smaller businesses- we think that affordable digital marketing should be available to everyone! As a result, the businesses we help are from a huge number of industries, including food, health and beauty, coaching and counselling, property, and a lot more!

Having said this, the answer to the question of who do digital marketing agencies help varies from agency to agency. Some, like us, specialise in smaller, local brands. However, some will mainly attract clients from specific sectors, such as the technology or fashion industries. And, there are some that tend to work only with bigger, multinational brands, on huge campaigns. So, there’s no one answer to this question. If you’re looking for a digital marketing agency for something very specific, there’s sure to be one out there somewhere! On most agencies’ websites, it’s very clear on the sort of businesses they tend to work with, so you shouldn’t have too much trouble identifying them.

Why do businesses need their help?

There are so many reasons why a business may need an agency’s help. You may think that it’s just running a couple of social media accounts. Easy right, anyone can do that?! While this may be the case for some small businesses that they have someone on hand who’s a whizz at digital marketing, this isn’t the reality for most. So, the majority of those smaller businesses who take on a digital marketing agency’s help simply don’t have the skills or time to do it on their own. They’re very good at running their business elsewhere, so make the decision to leave the marketing up to an agency that can just do it better and deliver the results they need!

However, this isn’t always the case. Even huge brands who have extensive in-house marketing teams sometimes use digital marketing agencies. This could be because their own teams have different projects to work on right now. Or, they just want some fresh ideas that taking on an agency full of creative and skilled people can bring!

Some businesses choose to use agencies long term. This usually means that they take over the running of their digital marketing campaigns for the foreseeable future. But, some businesses choose to take them on for only a short while, perhaps for a specific project or goal they want to achieve. And this is one of the great things about agencies! They’re flexible, and you don’t have to commit to paying someone’s salary long term if you don’t need to or worry about hiring a temp. At the end of the day, digital marketing agencies are here to serve you and your needs!

We hope that this introduction to the question of what is a digital marketing agency has been helpful for you. Got any more questions? As a digital marketing agency ourselves, we know a thing or two about it! Please don’t hesitate to get in touch as we always love hearing from you.

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