These days, digital marketing is the best way to get your brand’s message across. It’s basically eclipsed most traditional forms of marketing. It has lots of benefits. For example, it’s often cheaper and can reach more potential customers when compared to traditional marketing. Furthermore, digital marketing encompasses a huge number of different areas, from websites to social media. In this blog post, we’ll go through some of the areas of digital marketing that we cover in our Guildford offices. Read on to find out more, alongside some helpful tips for making the most of all of these areas…

Social Media is a key area of digital marketing

Firstly, social media is the area that most people probably think of when they hear the term ‘digital marketing‘. Social media is so important these days. If your business doesn’t have an account, it absolutely should do! There are so many different social media networks out there to choose from. It might just take a bit of research to work out which network is best for your business. From Instagram and Snapchat to LinkedIn and YouTube, you really can’t go wrong by being on social media.

You should choose at least one platform, but the more the better. After all, being on more social networks means more potential customers can find your business! However, if you have chosen to be on multiple social networks, proceed with caution! Make sure that you are prepared to keep up with the upkeep of all of the networks. If your networks aren’t up to scratch, it won’t make a very good impression, and people might be more likely to be turned off your business.

Social media is great because there are so many different things that you can do with it! Each network is very different. For example, Instagram is highly visual, and Twitter is more conversational. So, you can tailor your content to the different audiences you will find there. Some good basic content to think about posting includes sales messages, articles, seasonal posts, and behind the scenes or more personal posts. Sales messages are about your company and the products and services you offer. But be careful not to overload your followers with these! You can share interesting articles about your industry for your followers to read. Seasonal posts are a great way to inject some fun into your social media feeds- for example, a Merry Christmas message. Finally, more personal posts always go down a treat! People love to know more about your team or what goes on behind the scenes.

Overall, social media is an absolute must-have for any business! If you’re going to take any one area of digital marketing on board, this is it. It has so many uses and can really help to boost your sales. You have nothing to lose!

Great website design is essential

areas of digital marketing: web design

Great website design is key!

Secondly, having great website design is another key area of digital marketing that can really help to transform your website. Having a site that is beautifully designed to fit your business perfectly means that you can give out a perfect image into the world! Your website can also be customised to work for you. With elements such as contact forms, events, booking forms, galleries, and a whole lot more, there’s not really much that a website can’t do!

There are a few other things that you should consider with your website design. For example, is it optimised to work properly on mobile? Most people view websites on the go, on their phones. So, if your website isn’t looking its best on the mobile version, you could be losing out on precious customers! Furthermore, your website should 100% be SSL Secure. This tells people that your website is secure and safe for them to browse. If this isn’t the case, people browsing your website might not stick around for long!

Another amazing thing about this area of digital marketing is that you can link it up to your social media! Your profiles and social media posts should regularly link back to your site (and the site should look great because of this!). Plus, you can advertise and talk about your social media on your website. Both of these elements work best in tandem and are key to creating a digital marketing strategy that works for you.

SEO can really boost your sales

areas of digital marketing: SEO

SEO is the art of boosting your website’s position in search engine rankings

Now you’ve got the beautifully designed website, have you thought about SEO? Search engine optimisation is another key area of marketing that you should consider! Essentially, SEO is the process of making your website and content work for Google and other search engines. If they like what they see, they will boost you in the search engine rankings. SEO is a tricky art to get right, but there are plenty of tools out there such as Ubersuggest and Moz that can help you along the way. To find out more about these tools, read this blog post: Keyword research Tools: 8 To Help You Rank In 2020 And Beyond. Essentially, these tools can help you find the keywords that your website ranks for, as well as what your competitors rank for! From there, you can work on your site to help it rank more highly.

With SEO, you need to remember to be patient! You won’t rank on the first page of Google overnight. It’s a long process that requires a lot of research and hard work. But the results are usually more than worth it. It’s a great low-cost marketing tool that is open to anyone who is willing to do the work. Plus, it’s something that we think you can’t afford to ignore. Your competitors are probably thinking about SEO and trying to boost their websites in the rankings. You should be doing the same!

Videography is a highly effective area of digital marketing


Videography is a relatively new, but highly effective, area of digital marketing

Finally, the last area of digital marketing we will talk about today is videography. Video content is big news in the digital marketing world. So many different businesses are starting to use it, to great effect! Want to know some reasons why you should be using it as part of your marketing strategy? Read this blog post: Digital Marketing Surrey: 7 Powerful Reasons To Use Our Services

Videography provides a powerful visual platform to really show your business off to customers. Plus, customers themselves tend to prefer this type of content over any other. It’s easy to digest, super shareable, and can be entertaining! Not using video content in your marketing strategy yet? You really should be. It’s becoming one of the most used areas of digital marketing and you don’t want to be left behind!

There are plenty more areas of digital marketing that you can consider. These are just the main four that we work with and think are the most powerful for the majority of businesses. Want to know more about the areas of digital marketing? Did you know that we offer 100% FREE Social Clinics from our offices in Guildford, Surrey? We can cover anything to do with your business, no matter how big or small it is! You can book a time to suit you here.