Guildford Shops Re-Open after COVID 19

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Guildford Shops Re-Open

Yesterday, Monday 15th June, was a big day, as the Guildford shops re-opened their doors for the first time since the nationwide lockdown began on the 23rd March. We dispatched some of the Delivered Social team to the town centre, including our videographer Will, to see what was going on and capture some footage of the occasion!

What does the town centre look like as Guildford shops re-open?

So, Guildford town centre has changed a bit from how you might remember it! All the usual shops are still there, but the way we shop now is different. The main changes are large barriers in place to help manage queues for shops. They keep the queues away from the pavement, so there’s still plenty of room for pedestrians. Also, there’s plenty of new signage up, advising shoppers how far apart they should keep from others, where to queue for the shops they want to go in, and more. Once you’ve become used to it, these measures are easy to follow and make the shopping experience a lot simpler, and of course safer, for everyone involved.

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Are there any safety measures in place?

Everyone involved in the massive project of helping Guildford shops re-open has done a great job when it comes to keeping everyone as safe as possible! The barriers and signage mentioned above are only the start, helping people to queue safely and keep two metres apart! In places, parts of the road are cordoned off also, to make sure the pavement is wide enough for social distancing. Lots of shops have one way systems in place so people can make their way around the shops safely. And, some stores that are too small to allow for proper social distancing, such as Lush, are offering a counter-style service, so shoppers don’t even have to enter the premises to purchase what they want! Furthermore, staff and shoppers are kept safe with hand sanitiser on offer at the entrance to most shops, and plastic guards at the tills. Finally, while it isn’t mandatory, plenty of shoppers and staff were wearing protective gear such as masks and gloves for some extra protection.

Overall, it’s clear to see that a lot of thought has been put into the task of helping Guildford shops re-open. There are so many measures in place to help keep shoppers and staff safe. And the busyness of the day, even early on in the morning, makes it clear that many local people have been waiting for this! Even at 9 am, there were queues in front of several of the businesses opening that morning, including Clarks, Lulu Lemon, and Nespresso. As the day went on, it continued to get even more busy, though the majority of people were thankfully sticking to social distancing measures.

So, what are your thoughts as Guildford shops re-open? Do you think it’s too soon, or is it welcome for you and your family? At Delivered Social, we are pleased that local businesses are able to open again, and we’re impressed with the safety measures in place

Check out the video we produced below with Experience Guildford to get a better idea of what this ‘new normal’ looks like!

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